Legal Learning Game National Evaluation 


When does this take place? 

Which schools can take part? 

What will happen?

- Whiteboard – game is played in a lesson (e.g. PSHE) led by an adult

- Independent use at school - game is played at school, with no adult direction  

- Independent use at home - game is played at home with no adult direction  

- Control – access to the game is delayed until after the evaluation. These CYP will follow the usual curriculum at school 

How long will this take? 

What happens at the end? 

What is the role of the school? 

We ask you to do the following: 

How will data be processed and protected?  

Further information can be found in the project Privacy Notice 

Who can I contact for more information? 

Please contact the project lead, Professor Dawn Watkins d.watkins@sheffield.ac.uk or email email fortitude@sheffield.ac.uk