Adventures with Lex

We used games and play in Law in a research project called Law in Children’s Lives, which took place from 2014-2016. 

It was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council

We wanted to find out what children think and know about the law, and if they know the law can help to protect them and make them strong.  We worked with over 600 children, aged between 8 to 11, in Leicester and Leicestershire.

We created a specially-designed digital game called Adventures with Lex to do this.

Lex is an alien who has a dog called Rex. Lex asks to be shown around 4 places familiar to most of us: a school, a shop, a friend’s house, and a park.

Places to visit in Adventures with Lex
boy on ipad

What did we find out?

Over 600 children aged 8-11 years old played the game, and had to explain a lot of things to Lex by speaking into the game.  Through Lex, we learned a lot about what children think and know about law and their rights. 

Can I play Adventures with Lex?

Sorry – no! It is not possible to play Adventures with Lex now.  It was designed only for use in the Law in Children’s Lives project.

It was a prototype where we tested out lots of ideas and found out what works and what needs improving.  It was the proof of concept for project FORTITUDE.