Law in Children’s Lives: Speaking Up

What would you do?

In Adventures with Lex we created a scene in the game where the park was broken, and Lex asked children what they would do about it.

Broken slide at park

What did they say?

A small number of children (8.5%) said they would contact the council themselves if the park was broken.  Most said would tell their parents or ask an adult to sort out.

A few children said that they would do nothing because no one would listen to them.

Here are some of their reasons:

“Because a child can’t contact the council.” (Girl, Year 4)

“Because the council might not believe you and you might be a bit young to do it.” (Girl, Year 5)

“Because the adult won’t be telling a lie, and the council might be thinking that the children might be lying.” (Girl, Year 4)

What happens next?

In project FORTITUDE we are going to be working with children to find ways to build up their confidence to speak up about problems like this.