How we will use play & games in this project

Games and Serious Games

We will be working with children and young people to co-create games designed to improve their legal knowledge, skills and confidence.

Some will be digital (sometimes called ‘serious games’).  Some will be non-digital.

We plan for these games to be designed for use by a wide age range of 3-15 years.  This means some of them will be designed just for certain age ranges. 


Because we need to find out which of these games best for which children and young people, and in which circumstances, we are creating some tests.

To make these tests engaging and fun to complete, we will be working with children and young people to add game mechanics to them.

Theory of Change

As part of our research, we have developed something called a Theory of Change.  Here we state not only what we are aiming to achieve but how we will achieve it. 

We are using games and play in this project because we think children and young people can and will learn through games, based on what we have read about game-based learning and serious play.