Law in Children’s Lives: Who has power in school?

What do we know?

In Adventures with Lex, we asked children who has the most power to make changes in school.

The government was seen as having the most power to make changes in school; the head teacher was the next most powerful.

Children and their parents/carers were seen as the least powerful.

But when the parents/carers and the school council did have some power, children felt that they were also more powerful.

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The graph below shows the children’s responses in more detail.

The coloured bars for each group show how many children thought they had lots (green), some (yellow) or no (red) power.

For example, if you look at the Children bar, it’s mostly red: 59% of children thought that children have no power to make changes in school. The yellow section shows that about 40% thought they had some power though.

The school council is somewhere in the middle: most children thought that it has some power (the big yellow section).

Who has most power to make changes in school?