What's Happening 

Since the project restarted, the research team has been working on the development of tests and measures which will tell us about children and young people’s legal knowledge, skills and confidence.

We have also been working with children and young people to create games designed to improve these things.

Using the tests and measures, we will be able to see which of the games work best for which children and young people, and in which circumstances.

A group of white questions marks against multi coloured circles.

Creating a survey

We have created a survey to measure children’s legal confidence, linked to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).  

We talked individually to some children and young people aged 3-15 years about the questions we have written, to see if they make sense to them, and where we need to make changes.

We asked as many children and young people aged 7-15 years to complete the survey, and after we looked at all their responses, we made a 20-question scale for young people. 

We are going to test this scale again with 7-11 year olds, to see if it works for them too. 

We are also working on creating a simpler version which will be more suitable for children aged under 7 years. 

We know that creating or taking a test doesn’t sound like much fun!

Once we have a final version of the survey, we will be working with children and young people to add some game mechanics, so it becomes engaging and fun to complete.